Our Story

Tatu Creatives Ltd has come a long journey since its inception in 2013. Operating a business for close to four years, especially in the Kenyan market, has not been an easy task.

We started the journey as three partners, but overtime grew to have provided employment opportunities to over 30 young, creative and talented Kenyans from 13 different institutions of higher learning, across 6 countries. Their skills were invaluable to the growth of the company.

Along this journey, many huddles were crossed, and many achievements were accomplished too, this off course, came with its fair share of failures. In 2013, we had our first client, Sang Sang Fashions, and this list has grown to a strong network of 65 clients, in as far as two countries, as of December, 2016.

On services offered, we initially started as a branding company, we quickly expanded to simple websites, this was fuelled by our Jijenge Na Website campaign back in 2014. As we grew, our services got more complex as we evolved to creating complicated websites, systems and finally apps. On the design side, we moved from just doing branding, to creating full identities, advertising concepts, and finally high quality front-end development for the clients who already had a backend system working for them. In 2016, after a lot of training and trial and error, we finally introduced animations, and our first project (done in partnership with iLabAfrica) was not only a sizeable contract, but also a successful one.

In a bid to diversify what we do, Tatu Creatives Ltd started 2 subsidiaries, Saftrail (2015) and Looker Group Ltd (2016), with the help of other partners. Saftrail’s main focus was filling the gap in local tourism and affordable travel opportunities. On the other hand, Looker’s focus was security and was launched with the help of The Kenya Police Service (Kilimani Police), The Nairobi Baptist Church and iBizAfrica (Strathmore University), among other partners.

Tatu Creatives Ltd has also learnt a lot over the years from its team of mentors who span across various industries such as ICT, Creative, Mass Communication, Education, Security, Legal and Business. In 2014, we joined iBizAfrica, a business incubation centre based at Strathmore University, and there, through their mentorship and guidance, we gained invaluable business skills that helped us scale the company to greater heights.

In January 2017, we looked back at all the lessons learnt along the way and we re-evaluated our very existence and our business model and we decided to make a bold move and change our business strategy.

Our previous about us text read “A Creative Digital Agency, that was started in 2013 and became a limited company in 2014, that offers Website & Digital Design, Brand Development and Print & Graphic Design Services. It conceives, designs and produces digital content and integrated experiences for web, mobile and the physical world.” After much consideration, we realised that was not the only thing we were doing, and it was not in line with our future goals. It did not communicate effectively who we really were, at least not in 2017.

Hence, we did a full rebranding in February 2017 and also moved offices to Loresho, Nairobi.

Now, we define ourselves as a creative company that provides innovative digital experiences across various industries, whose vision is to be the inspiration of creative innovation on a global scale.

At the moment, we are already working on key products intended to bring disruption to the education, security, gaming, arts and culture, and business industries, with others in the pipeline.

To achieve this goal, Tatu Creatives Ltd shall now be a holding company for the subsidiaries that we have created to carry on with the projects. Our previous core services of branding, creative design and website development/design shall now be handled by Tatu Creatives Consultancy. Tatu Creatives Education shall handle all our products within the education industry. The rest shall be unveiled in the near future.

Also, to achieve our goal, we are open to scaling our business through partnerships and investments and we invite anyone who’s interested in discussing this further to come and learn more.

We appreciate everyone who has been with us through this entire journey as we keep marching forward, and for our new supporters we are glad to have you on board with us.

Together, we shall scale Tatu Creatives Ltd to even greater heights.


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